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I knew I needed to do something to get me noticed and I didn’t want to just read about consulting - I wanted to do it. I wanted to advise clients on what they can do to make things better and I knew I couldn’t be the only one at UConn who felt this way.
Justin Lee – Founder of UCG

Thank you for applying to the UConn Consulting Group! Our analyst application process is very competitive. To give you a better sense of what we're looking for in candidates here's our top three criteria: 

Drive – We provide all the necessary information and materials to succeed, but we will not do the work for you, you must be passionate and motivated.

Ability and Willingness to Learn – UCG involves continuous learning. This must excite you for you to fit in UCG.

Diversity of Experience and Thought – Whether it be in terms of academics, experiences, or interests, diversity is valued within UCG.

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